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Set up a tribute page and invite friends
and family to donate in memory of your loved one,
so their gifts can give hope for a cancer free future.

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Are you considering a donation to Cancer Council WA in lieu of flowers?

Donating In Memory to Cancer Council WA, or requesting donations in lieu of flowers can be a meaningful way for family, friends and loved ones to remember someone lost to cancer or who was passionate about helping others impacted by cancer.

By donating to Cancer Council WA, you're giving the gift of hope by funding local support, research and prevention programs for West Australians affected by cancer.

Donations in memory may be collected in three different ways:

  1. Online via a personalised tribute page - which also allows loved ones to leave a message or tribute 
  2. At the funeral service through donation envelopes
  3. By calling 1300 65 65 85, or using the donate In Memory link below.
This is a meaningful way of supporting the many West Australians impacted by cancer and we thank you for your consideration.

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